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Greatest Lego Haircut!

After an intense workout a man goes on a journey to find the ultimate haircut! Will he find what he is looking for or be greatly disappointing!?

Made for the Brick a Brack challenge: Having a Haircut

"Onion Capers" and "Wagon Wheel - Electronic"


Production team
HoverfrogFilmsProducer, project's creator

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Great! 👍😁 Loved the cape, brickbuild hair and animation all over..

Okkéééy kai finally have some normal hair XD

Lol, cool and funny stop motion!

Love your animation its AWESOME !!!

Wow! This is really impressive! Great work with the brick replacement animation and brick-built hair!

"after an intense workout"

Dang, that was pretty funny. Well done and keep up the good work!


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