The Hair Cut | Brick a Brack Challenge | Brick à Brack

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The Hair Cut | Brick a Brack Challenge

As an unfortunate Lego man goes for a hair cut, he realises how painful this hair cut actually is...

This is an entry to Brick a Brack's 'Hair Cut' challenge.

Brick a Brack:

Instagram: minideliciouspant

Twitter: Ethan@minideliciouspant

#brickabrack #lego #minideliciouspant

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minideliciouspantProducer, project's creator

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That looked painful indeed!! 😬.. Fun entry!

Wow, I wish my barber did that! But now my mom cuts my hair, but she does it well

Lol wall replacement, Next! Very funny ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Hey man. Everyone has forgotten about me now that I stopped YouTube. And, I just realized, everyone forgot... so suddenly... I'm starting to think I didn't actually have any subscribers that liked my work... Besides you Tristan and someone else. Anyway, I decided I'm not quitting. I had a dream to get 1mil subscribers. It's gonna happen. I'm gonna start making stop motion again, but I need to study up. I need your help telling everyone that used to watch me, that I'm not quitting. If you want. Hey, your stop motion has improved A LOT. OOf and 282 subscribers? Way to go dude. Way to go.

Awesome animation with legos this is amazing bro i subbed mind subbing back


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