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LEGO Nightwing VS The Winter Soldier

This was originally just supposed to be a quick test with my Logitech webcam after I changed some settings, but I figured since I have't uploaded on this channel in a while I'd just clean it up a bit and post it here. I've been meaning to do a bigger update on the community tab but most people don't really check it anyway lol. I should hopefully have another video out in August or so, it's a pretty big video and I'm working hard on it, so I think you'll all enjoy it. But my next video after that might not be until like December. I'm doing my exams for school currently so that's taking up a lot of time and I haven't had much time to work on 'The Briefcase.' In all honesty I've even thought of just not making it because how big of a project it is even though I've already put a lot into it, but I think I'll just wait until next year and see how things go, it's possible that if I do make it it could be my last brickfilm. As much as I want to continue I don't know how much time I'll have next year, I think the most likely outcome is that I'll just stop making normal videos and instead occasionally join in on BFD events or random contests, whether I make The Briefcase or not. But anyway, aside from all that, I think I somewhat fixed the settings for the camera, there's still some weird colour changing/flicker but it's not as noticeable, but then again that could just be because the camera is constantly moving in this short test haha. Thanks for watching everyone, bye.

Unedited version on my second channel:


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Really smooth! Turned out great!! Nicely done m8👏👏

Concerning the big video take your time, you can work on it time to time every weeks or months 🤷‍♂️ if you are perseverant and consistent in your work it should be good 👍👍
Anyway, really looking forward into your future projects!

Wow! This is so cool! Excellent work, I really like the hair you used for Bucky and the fighting animation. That set was super cool too. Good luck with the big project, I know what it's like working through stuff like that. There are good days and rough days, you've just gotta keep going and try your best :) You've got this


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