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The Who Live at Bricktown

The Who Live at Bricktown

Let’s go see The Who Live (with today’s guitars) at Bricktown. How well will they play? You will find out, and I have a little surprise at the end ;)

All music by The Who


Who are You 0:00

I Can’t Explain 0:28

Legal Matter 0:48

I’m a Man 1:13

The Kids are Alright 1:37

Love Reign O’er Me 2:07

Pinball Wizard 2:29

Won’t Get Fooled Again 3:31

Squeeze Box (live version) 4:19

Baba O’ Riley 5:04

Surprise at the end ;)

I hope you enjoyed! Share your thoughts below 🔽⬇️🔽

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Great to see Gandalf rocking out to some Who. Also your lighting is great. Do you use different coloured gels?

I subbed, really nice! Maybe consider checking me out as well?

awesome stop motion! two things I like combined into one vid: legos and The Who

Very nice and every thing is so smooth and lighting and camera every thing is so good and fantastic.subscribed your glorious channel. Would you mind checking out my channel .and give a subscribe?

Nice one I like it !!{do you mind checking my channel}

Awasome brikfilm this 1 makes I subscribed

One of my favourite bands! I also have a The Who animation in my channel! I invite you to visit it and maybe subscribe to it if you like my content :)
You've got a new subscriber mate

Great video this is soo awesome 😎

Dude this is awesome keep up the good work!!!


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