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Lego Pet Shop Escape

Pet shops are tons of fun, but maybe not when all the animals escape!
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sorry about the poor audio, new equipment soon!

Production team
Half BrickedProducer, project's creator

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Always super stoked for your new vids! Was really fun. I like the time lapse ending . Really shows the hard work you always put into your art!

sorry for any confusion when I first posted this, I guess youtube posted it like three times so I deleted a couple! thanks to everyone who watched and commented on those ones too!

Your stopmotions always impress me! I liked the shots from inside the pet's cages!

Nice idea for a video with some really effective shots (like the inside of the cages).
I liked the balloon animals as well :-)

Excellent stop motion animation video. Like that LEGO wall of fish. Can’t believe how much work it takes to make this video. Very nice!

I love the camera angle from behind the cages. I love the way the animals get stranger on that wall. First off a spider, then bunnies, then a blue baby bear / guinea pig (?), then balloon dogs that eat ice cream and cupcakes. We love your fun sense of humor Half Bricked Films! It's quirky like mine. Loved this from start to finish. Thumbs up! Frutz wuz here.


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