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Lego Web of Spider Man: The Shocker

I did literally everything in this video. There. There are the credits for you.

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TheLegoDirectorProducer, project's creator

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FUN FACT: This video was originally conceived in thought in 2017 after Homecoming came out and I saw Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World. So yay.

That was amazing the camera angles were insane the effects were awesome the voice acting was great the set design and animation were great nice job dude one of the best brick films I’ve seen

We gotta young Edgar Wright on our hands!

Somehow this feels more like a comic book than Spider-Verse. Great stuff. A little heavy on the whip pans, but this so much better than any other brickfilm being made right now. Really loving your animation style.

Dude you were so right, this does top Gotham Nights. I know I saw some of the footage in calls but seeing it all together is so satisfying, and you really did match the tone with the song. The onomatopoeia turned out to be sooo sexy. I don’t want to kiss up anymore because I should do that in a call. Nice job, definitely a good video to show how far four years has came to.

A beautiful video from one my favorite YouTubers. Also how far are you on the Green Arrow video?

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This was so Awesome. Thanks for sharing!

The comic gimmick is so cool, I especially liked the blue & red brick movement moments like 2:05, just the way you mixed practical effects with visual was really good like Shocker's output with the blue lighting on his face and the studs moving along the fist thingy


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