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The Battle of Raxus Prime LEGO Star Wars Stop Motion Clip HD

May the Fourth be with you !

Here's a special video for this Star Wars day !
This video is a compilation of the action scenes on Raxus Prime from Star Wars the Clone War Story Chapter 5 & 6 but this time in High Definition so I hope you will enjoy it !

Watch Chapter 5 here :

Watch Chapter 6 here :

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Very nice man! Have a great may the 4th!

Lol gotta show off that army. Keep up the good work though

Last edited by NewbThings Productions (may 4, 2019 (03:43pm)).

Awesome video!! Also, may the fourth be with you lol!! I made a star wars video today to celebrate may the fourth but this video is very well done!!

Cool dude! You encouraged me to want to make a stop motion video on the Dark Reaper Crisis!

U are best LSW ytb channel subscribed

What do you use for stop motion? And great job with this, it’s super smooth aside from the walkers but that’s understandable. So keep up the good work!

Last edited by Ted Cohen (may 8, 2019 (06:46am)).


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