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Magic chest - Teddy and Panda Pablo ep. 2 Lego stop motion

In this new Lego stop motion video with Teddy and Pablo Panda are on a new adventure!

Teddy walks in the woods and sees a chest. It turns out that it's a magic chest! He tells his friend Panda Pablo, let's see what they find!

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You'll find episode 1 here:

I made this Lego brickfilm / stop motion with a Nikon D3200 camera and only used the software OpenShot (picture edit program). I use 12 frames per second. This video contains +/- 650 pictures.

Friendly Day from Kevin MacLeod is licensed as a Creative Commons Attribution-licence (

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LegomotionandmoreProducer, project's creator

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your videos are so good!! I subscribed as soon as I watched them, because they are so good!!

Love it

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I wonder when ur gonna do another vid

I love you thank you for that sweet compliment I will whatcha your videos

Very nice animation -we love your creation, GL


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