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Easter Trippin' | Finish The Story

Easter is such a warm, joyous occasion. What better way to celebrate with another 'Finish the Story' film, animated by 6 wonderful brickfilmers? Now with a bigger twist than 'Us'!

This brickfilm contains explicit content, it's not adapted to a young audience.

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Production team
Brickfilm DayProducer, project's creator
Leviathan StudiosAnimator
SuitedNinjaNerd StudiosAnimator
Jared JohnsonAnimator
Brickfilm HQAnimator
Bricks & PiecesProducer
James CawoodEditor
SonjiraVoice actor (Gavin)

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Yes yes yes yes I’ve been waiting all day and first

Wow phenomenal work to everyone working on this! Was so happy to play a small part in such a great collab!!

Oh that was really well made, everyone who took part in this did a really good job!

What should I make I’m bored of not doing brickfilms

The ending was really nice and even pulled on the heartstrings sniff then there’s that freaking musics that TOTALLy ruins the mood
OVERALL: Drugs/10

Last edited by GJ Studios (apr. 23, 2019 (02:22am)).

What does it mean by ' finish the story '?

Incredible editing and story! This is really well made!

What a unique animation style! Would love to get some kind of tutorial someday


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