Difficult Decisions (Entry To BiM EASTER 2019) | Brick à Brack

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Difficult Decisions (Entry To BiM EASTER 2019)

Thanks for watching! I hope you enjoy this short little film.

Production team
Lainie MayProducer, project's creator

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This is so sweet, great job :)

Haha. So brilliant as always! The animation is sooo smooth! Good luck :) Happy Easter!

Looks a bit like a 30 seconds version of my VocalFlix... :D
The ciinematography is very well done, also with the lighting, like out of the window. So, every shot of this is beautiful on it's own. Also, creative settings and animation!
What confused me a bit was you talking so fast. Yeah, it's to stick it into the 20 secs, still I had to go back and relisten sometimes... I still don't know what you say about the bunnys and eggs :cryderp:

Oh that looks really good, keep up the good work and good luck!

Lol this is funny Laine another masterpiece btw what camera do you use?

this is exactly what happened to me, except I never figured it out...

Amazing work! Happy easter!


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