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Lego Easter Eggcident

A terrible Eggcident happens when the Easter Bunny is laying down eggs for kids to find!!

Will all be OKAY??

Have a Great Easter!! And a Happy #LegoEaster

Production team
Brick BroadcastingProducer, project's creator
minideliciouspantVoice actor (Kid)
AwesomepantsFilmsVoice actor (Kid with hat)
NoNapNapVoice actor (Mother)

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Cool Eggcident:) Easter is beautiful! Good job!

Awesome work! Watching this was Eggciting! ;)

How do you make videos so fast???

Well done, man. Keep up the good work!

Your endings always have such a funny twist hahaha! It was so cool being able to voice for you! Anytime ;) I hope you all had an eggcellent day!

1. Murders Easter Bunny
2. Steals chicken eggs
3. Vandalizes eggs by painting them blue
4. Commits identity theft by pretending to be easter bunny
5. Feeds kids to mutant chickens

...this man must be stopped


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