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A sailor wakes up on the open ocean, only to find he isn't alone.

Production team
twickabrickProducer, project's creator

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Wow! This is amazing! How did you make the wave animation?

Holy crap, dude that was amazing. This may win, and that would be great. Good luck in the contest, hope to see more amazing works of art like this.

Another normal day in African Ocean

Really cinematic, keep up the great work.

Simple and elegant, properly twickabrick

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Wow, fabulous animation. Did you do the wave animations in camera?

Looked at flicker photos,how long did it take to make the rig to move the waves. The large scale face was also wonderful

wait wtf i was just on ur videos page and a new video popped up!

This is absolutely amazing!!!! The animation was beautiful the soundtack and sfx added was great! You did a really good job, I loved it!


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