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The Cleaners

Death is a messy business. Especially when you're the one dishing it out.

In this stop-motion homage to 1970s crime films, two hitmen race to clean up their latest job while searching for a piece of evidence that could threaten to unravel their entire operation. All while being tailed by a mysterious figure who shares an eerie interest in finding what they're looking for.

Production team
MindGameProducer, project's creator
Nathan WellsDirector
SquashVoice actor (Victim)
Jay SilverVoice actor (Voice)

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Can someone explain to me the story I didn't quite understand it
Btw the animation is fantastic

This is so amazing. Im ended with brickfilm and when im see this i want back.

Really professional. It really leaves you wanting more. Everything was masterfully executed from the dialogue to the set. Everyone is saying it’s even better the second time around, and I couldn’t agree more. I don’t mean to gush too badly, but seriously, awesome job.

When Pigs started playing I was so fucking surprised and happy love it man

Wait what happened at the end?

I swear I cannot stop watching this. You have such a gift with animating! I can never flrget your timeless classics with Ben and Andy too! Please keep this up cause I always love them each time.

Clearly an Edgar Wright fan

Wow, the animations was soooooo amazing! And the quality too! Great job!!


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