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LEGO Black Friday - Brickfilm

Inspired by Black Friday

Its been a while since I have made a video. I hope you like this video I made (It took a long time to make). This was a first attempt at making a fight scene with camera shake, and I think it turned out nicely. Also, I may release some test videos because I got a new editing software. Hope you enjoy the video!

This video took over 5 days to make, 1030 pictures, and running at 15 FPS (Frames Per Second)

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Thug Dub - Quincas Moreira

Il buono il brutto il cattivo: Main theme - Derek Wadsworth

Production team
Simon ProductionsProducer, project's creator

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I like your stop motion, very smooth !

I like this vid a lot it's very cool

Noice lol this is so funny the fight scene

Haha very funny. This was a nice take on Black Friday.

Amazing video,, keep up with good work :-D
Can you comment my last video ✅


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