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LEGO Star Wars The Clone Wars: The Journey of a Soldier

One's journey can evolve through an extensive amount of obstacles, wars, and pain. I have gathered my time and budget, to create a film that talks about a soldier who is not afraid to take risks, and is eager to gain experience. The story of Kirx Sheppard involves a wide combination of events during the Clone Wars era, including wars, battles, power, and destruction. I hope you will enjoy this.

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Music by Lucas King:

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MegaSpaceFighterProducer, project's creator

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"...and this is where my story begins."
Cuts to credits.

You put a lot of effort in this well done

Dude, I watched your older star wars videos, like the Battle of Mygeeto, but this is just straight up AWESOME. You've really come a long way, and this and your Target Earth film are 2 of my favorite youtube videos ever.

When is the next one?!

wow, this is really good, well done


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