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Bob and Randy - The Freebaker Rescue (Episode 4)

Bob teams up with new roommate Willard to find the Freebakery and save Randy from ... whatever terrible, terrible things are happening within an ex-conspiracy theory society that decided to stop taking over the world and start making baked desserts.

Stay tuned as the next episode of Bob and Randy develops!

Production team
Chris MajorProducer, project's creator
Frame5AnimationsVoice actor (Seymour)
MekaXVoice actor (Raymond)
Scorch BricksVoice actor (Xavier)
Jared JohnsonVoice actor (Detective Willard)
Toonie ToonsVoice actor (Stryker2124)
Rebaka-ChanVoice actor (Lavender Doublecross)
Lainie MayVoice actor (Cheryl the Shadow Receptionist)

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The very good sets, the smooth animation, but I especially liked the voice acting 👍

I am impressed; pretty amazing that you are able to make 13 minute brickfilms while keeping the quality!

Really nailed it with this one bro! Love the universe building so much and can't wait for what's gonna go down for B&R in the future ;)

Anyway, these are fantastic. Well animated, the sets look great, and the voices are excellent. And story makes sense anc is interesting. Keep it up, I don't see unique animations like this on YouTube very often

Fantastic episode, I love it. I like how this episode was a bit of satire towards the Noir genre and I also liked how this episode made fun conspiracy theories. In addition, the animation was great in this episode and I do like how you used mostly jittery movements in this episode. Lastly, I'm looking forward to what the next episode will bring and I apologize if I sounded random or anything as well.

Great work on this episode, sir! Never a dull moment thought the entire thirteen minutes. I'm on the edge of my seat for episode five.

Awesome! Now I can't wait for episode 5.

In my opinion this brickfilm is flawless and I love it! Great job! Now I can't wait for episode 5!


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