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Space Force is on the job, and ready for some cheeky action! @(^_^)@
#SpaceForce #thefourmonkeys

Production team
thefourmonkeysProducer, project's creator

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First! @(^_^)@@(^_^)@@(^_^)@@(^_^)@

Classic space minifigs are the best! Awesome video!

Nicely done, I loved how you use the classic space minifigs. Keep up the good work!

I'm new to your channel. I found it like yesterday on BrickVideo Studio and your stop motion is really impressive! Well done :D

Space force, they're a force in space... Space horse, he's a horse in space...

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Very nice. Love those baseplates

This kind of reminds me of the feud of brick hill. Great job!

Great work guys! I really enjoyed the lighthearted tone in this. :)


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