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Modern Times

Inspired by the factory scenes of Charlie Chaplin's 'Modern Times'

And an entry to Brick-a-Brack's silent contest

Production team
Brick BroadcastingProducer, project's creator

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I love modern times! Great job!

Looking good, keep up the good work!

good luck with the contest - hope you win 😬 🏆 🌠

Great ! To be honest, it's the video I've prefered from all the videos you made ! May be it's a little fast but everything else is really good (animation, lighting, etc.)

Good luck for the contest by the way 😉

High quality stop motion! Excellent.

Excellent idea !!! So funny & cool. Great job man !

I subscribed :D You are very good!

Wow, Brick Broadcasting, super awesome video! great stop motion and funny, too! LOL Big Like!


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