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GONK: A Jawa's Story

Why read the description?

For this film, I really wanted to tell a story visually instead of relying on dialogue or lengthy explanations. I believe the purpose of the contest without voices is for that reason alone: to get the point of the story by showing, not telling. If you don't understand something in the film, I leave it up to you to decide your own thoughts, views, and explanations. So sit back, relax, grab some popcorn, and enjoy GONK: A Jawa's Story.

Production team
Joshua NelsonProducer, project's creator

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7:26 hello there play-doh lizard

Very good, Josh. Btw, now that you have posted the video, I know exactly what to post on my channel tomorrow. Which means I'll have to stop with what I'm doing to get to work on it.

Last edited by X-Sims (jun. 12, 2018 (05:34am)).

This was danker than the dankest mountain dew that i found in one of my mlg dreams man!!!

Oh Josh, Josh, Josh. This is a dream come true. Well done, good sir.

Holy heck Josh, a dialogue free story about a GONK droid and a Jawa has absolutely no right to be touching or emotional, but somehow you’ve managed to do it. I guess I’m a total sap, but I was brought near tears during this. I absolutely want to see these two best friends together again for a sequel!

Very creative and cleverly made story line Josh! I like your use of sand too!


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