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An entry for the Silent Contest on Brick a Brack.

A man comes home bored. He has lost his imagination and doesn't know what to do. What will he do to add some excitement into his life?

"Chill Wave" - Kevin MacLeod (
"The Chase" - Soundcrate

Production team
HoverfrogFilmsProducer, project's creator

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That’s .........different

This was pretty good, Nicely done and keep up the good work

Nice... I'm trying to understand it .... but no... Is it an illusion?... Does he make a robot in the end? or a bomb? and if it's a bomb why does he trash the phone... great remote detonator.... maybe I'm overthinking it too much (cause I'm bored 😉). Nice video again 👍,.. Good luck 🍀 with the contest..

Getting a Lego Universe vibe! I love it

Oh the little robot dog from lego universe nice touch looks just like it

When you're bored so you watch brickfilms...I love the robot dog. :)

Beautifully animated. Loved the dog and how the bad guy disappeared in a blur of black studs. Awesome. What frame rate is this?


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