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Heldenhaft (Heroic)

Hamburg in July 2017. Batman participates in a protest campaign against the G20 summit. When the police invite the demonstrators to remove the hoods and masks, it comes to a scandal. Will Batman give in to demand and show his true face?

Steinerei-Festival 2018
Jury Prize - 1st Place
Audience Prize - 1st Place
Brickfilmer Prize - 3rd Place

Production team
BaschiProducer, project's creator

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Nicely done, alltrough I do speak German to an extend the subs do make it a bit more clear for me, anyhows. Keep up the good work!

War auf der steinerei! Alles gute!

Irgendwie erinnert die Wortbeschreibung am Anfang mich an Tarantino-Filme :D

Absolutely fantastic animation and cinematography! The set building was impeccable, Batman talking with his actual LEGO mouths was a nice touch (I know they were added in digitally, but it's still cool), those clouds look quite nice, I'm a big fan of using microscale for background elements which you did expertly, and that final shot with the Joker was absolutely beautiful. Lovely all around! The one thing I can critique is that shot of the Unikitty TV show. The animation quality just doesn't stand up to the rest of the film. Perhaps that was on purpose?

Fantastisch. Vor allem die Lichtstimmung in der Haftanstalt oder am Ende im Büro des Jokers ist super geworden. Wie aufwändig war es eigentlich, die Polizistenmassen zu animieren?

Echt gelungener Film, super!
Es ist immer wieder cool andere deutsche Brickfilmer zu finden!

Amazing stop motion work. Wow! I liked and subscribed. Frutz wuz here.

Congratulations! You won my contest!!


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