My Unluckyish Life- Episode 5: The Slippery Slope | Brick à Brack

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My Unluckyish Life- Episode 5: The Slippery Slope

One winter day, Alex and Percy decide to drive out to a giant snow-covered hill and "try" to go sledding... Emphasis on the word "try!"
(Also, yes. I realize that the title is kinda cliche...)

A Behind the Scenes video is on it's way!!

The My Unluckyish Life Playlist-

All set to the tune of the William Tell Overture and the Can-Can.

Hi I'm SuitedNinjaNerd, I make funny, family-friendly LEGO Stop-motion Animations. Feel free to check out the other great videos I have to offer, and don't forget to like, share, subscribe and hit the little bell icon to always be updated on new videos.

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Seriously dude, this is the best episode of My Unluckiesh Life yet - and your best brickfilm to date! Well done!

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Bravo, dude! Thumbs Up

Hands down your best work yet, my friend! Absolutely loved how you made the figures interact with the Lego snow! The music was the cherry on top!

David Pagano, is that you..?

Heyyyyy! That's so good! I love the replacement animation on the snow. What a fun video. Great stuff.

Just stunning! Everything was put together really well. The miniature car animation w/ tire smoke was particularly fabulous.

This is really great! I love how you did the sets, there's an excellent sense of depth and expansiveness on display. And those rotating camera movements at the end -- good stuff!

This was really good! The parallax scrolling was an awesome subtle thing I noticed, and of course the snow imprints were great! A really, really well put together brickfilm!

This guy has only 177 subs. How?

Woww... GREAT... all of it camera, sets, sound, script... and was FUN 👍😉


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