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Lego Crackdown 3 - The Rescue

After Officer Foster gets captured by a criminal known as the "Shark", a rookie Police Officer attempts to rescue Officer Foster and to stop the "Shark" and his thugs.

This brickfilm contains explicit content, it's not adapted to a young audience.

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ffingersProducer, project's creator

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Looking good, you've done a pretty good job. Keep up the good work!

Very impressive work here son

Haven't seen such a good action brickfilm in a while, well done.

That hard work really paid off nice work!

This was awesome man! Great work on it! And thanks for allowing me to voice!

This was great! I didn't expect to see something I'd like so much this week from the world of brickfilming. I was waaay wrong. This was awesome. Great atmosphere. That's not easy to do, especially in an action film.

Nice animation! great lighting and great sound work

Wish this was a movie tbh

Dude, this is amazing!


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