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Une équipe d'aventuriers explore un tombeau perdu dans le désert. Bien sûr, tout se passerait bien s'il n'y avait pas d'histoires de réveil du pharaon, de tempêtes et de géant de sable !

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Legotwins ANIMATIONSProducer, project's creator

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J’ai adorer ton brickfilm vraiment gg et je vais bientôt sortir un brickfilm si tu pourra donner ton avis dessus stp 😝

Fantastic work!!! Big like!

You really need more views and subscribers! 20 mins is very long for a brickfilm and you probably spent lots of houres, on building the scenery, animating of course, because it looks so smooth. Great work!

Hey man! You have a cool channel! I am really hoping to reach 400 subs by the end of April. If you would like to do a sub for sub that would be great :) Plus this video deserves a lot more views :D

Ist je eine Mega Coole Animation 😲
Wie hast du das geschafft ?

Awesome video and thank you for subscribing to my another channel!

Hey legotwins’ animations! Thank you sosososososososososososososososososo Much for subscribing my channel.

Since that you subscribed to me. I’m 100% gonna subscribe to you bro.


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