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The Winterlympic Games (full cartoon)

The culmination of my Winterlympics project in which I released 17 clips, one each day throughout the duration of the 2018 Winter Olympics. Here is the final cartoon with all scenes edited together, and featuring newly created narration, as well as 7 never before seen bonus clips! Five are cut into the cartoon, and two are outtakes featured in the closing credits.

Special thanks to the voice talents of:

Noah Sprague Studios

And Brick Broadcasting

And featuring Gollum music by:

Production team
thistofProducer, project's creator
Brick BroadcastingVoice actor (Team Netherlands)
Noah Sprague StudiosVoice actor (Gollum)

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Well done, now we can see all the yellow snow combined into one film.

GREAT, 👍.. Loved the way you connected the cartoons into a complete film!!

Great job! The separate clips were entertaining in their own, but this brings it to a whole new level. Well done! Very funny and has a perfect mood.

This is so good! :D I love the animation and set builds they're amazing. plus I love the plot twist with gollum XD it was so unexpected but perfect!

Wow this is so good! The great animation! Love the composition and haha Gollum. I could go on its so good!

That was awesome if the real Olympics had gollum in it then I would watch them all the time great job loved the animation

The animation is so smooth! It’s pretty funny too!


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