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A Brickfilm Christmas

What if you had to spend Christmas Eve with strangers? Some stranger than others.

A Christmas themed collaboration with scenes from over twenty brickfilmers and teams in Europe, UK, and US.

Production team
thistofProducer, project's creator

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Just gonna repost my old comment. This is just incredible. Thanks so much for letting me be part of this! The anticipation over the past few days was killing me and this still managed to be even better then I expected. Everyone did a great job!

Amazing video! I loved the format! It makes it seem like a real Christmas special. The only question I have is why you reuploaded this?

Such a remarkable piece of work. Great job to everyone involved in making it happen!

Nicely done, it was pretty amazing. Keep up the good work!

Well done by everyone, especially, Thistof.

I didn't notice anything wrong in the original.

This was so good! I'm so happy to have been part of this, even in a small way. I love how Shawarma is the villain, it's so perfect. Brilliant job, everyone. Bravo.

This is absolute quality from start to finish. Serious compliments to everyone involved in making this - you all did a fantastic job of capturing the holiday spirit.

I hope you saw my old comment, Thistof. I am not typing all that again lol

This turned out to be fantastic! Great job, Thistof. I loved everyone's story and the commercials were so funny! I enjoyed walk-o-matic A LOT! Ha-ha :D I had so much fun creating my segment and making the sounds and music for the framing story. Congratulations everyone! This is a brickfilming milestone. I'm so proud to have been involved.


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