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Unbridled Mischief

A snake-oil Salesman swindles away a hapless traveler's trusty horse!

Production team
PongowlProducer, project's creator

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Dear gosh, this is just amazing

I love the mini scale horse in 2:17.

There are so many good things to say about this... I'm having a hard time deciding what I like most. :)

Great work! That was hilarious and very well animated!

This was amazing! The lighting and set design is really good and I like the story line!
Also how did you get The Brick Show to sponsor your video!?

Last edited by Mr. Awesome's Animations (nov. 29, 2017 (01:06am)).

That was amazing! I felt like some of the forest shots could have been color corrected to fit together a little better. But over all that was amazing, some of the best horse animation I have seen in a while!

Last edited by osomstudios (nov. 29, 2017 (01:07am)).

Such a beautiful film. I am so happy this exists!

What was the red bearded man going to be arrested for? After all, the sheriff dude DID steal his horse.

Wow!! Good animation and good story,


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