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Misery Loves ......... Un Lego Star Wars (Court) Histoire

La vie d'un Stormtrooper n'est pas facile.

Être tiré sur, frapper dans les portes, perdre des droïdes aux tours d'esprit de Jedi ...
À la fin d'une autre longue et misérable journée, tout ce qu'un Stormtrooper veut, c'est être laissé seul pour se vautrer dans sa misère. Comment ça pourrait empirer?
Pour Stormtroopers, cela empire toujours.

Production team
sherwinProducer, project's creator

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very well animated and the composition, lighting and all the mis en scene was well done but i didn't get the story, can somebody explain?

A good start. Keep it up.It gave me a reason to try too.Thanks. M. V.

Creative and cute. Will look forward to your next project, so keep that brain working.

very nice work, love it, keep it up bro, I also like making lego stop motion :D

Just an all-round brilliant piece of stop motion and storytelling.

I like it. You're really good at this. Cute bar scene and good music selection :)

Hey nice work!
Came from BrickVideo Studio, we're members too!

Nice short buddy 👏👏👏


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