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Classic Space Adventures Chapter 1

On his way to the Futuron city, the white astronaut notices that everyone is missing! Then he finds out why and must save the day! This film was made for Silent Contest 2020.

Production team
2x4 ProductionsProducer, project's creator

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A very great brickfilm !

I love the atmosphere of this movie, the voice of space characters are pretty cute !

Wow, what a brilliant film! An interesting, complex story told without a single word uttered - exactly what this contest was all about! I loved the gibberish the minifigures were speaking and I also loved the facial animations. The little details you put in the film, like the little red lights on the walkway, make it feel alive. The set designs are simply astonishing. Loved every piece of it, but my favourite has to be the miniature space city with the monorail: fabulous work! Overall amazing job, guys! Keep up the good work! (I really want to see what you come up with in chapter 2!)

Sympa cette petite histoire ! Les décors et les lumières sont un gros points fort et j'aime beaucoup la qualité "mauvaises" de l'images, qui se mélangent parfaitement bien au musique un peu "rétro" !
Excellente réalisation !

Les décors sont pour la plupart bien réalisés.
L’animation est superbe.
L’ambiance de l’espace est pas mal.
Bien joué !

Hey !! Very nice brickfilm! Your animation is very fluid and successful. I really liked the different sets, especially the train. The music is very well managed as well. Space is a special theme and you managed to hold a five-minute brickfilm on it!

The scenario is great and easily understandable even without words. I also find the head games quite successful.

Despite this, a lot of tremors, it's quite a pity. Some light flickers also but on this point, nothing dramatic.

Here I hope I have been able to help you and I wish you good luck in this contest!

PS: I'm not very strong in English so you have a translation of google


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