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Don't Go Slow-Mo (A Silent Contest Film)

This brave adventurer thought that he could defeat the cave troll using the slow motion technique to create maximum epicness but he was sadly mistaken.

Production team
DanielClowardProducer, project's creator

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Très sympa ! C'est drôle et bien réalisé ! Les décors sont nickels ! L'animation est correcte mais mériterait d'être plus fluide. Bon courage pour la suite !

Haha, a funny brickfilm !

The decor is very well, the scene at 0:18 when the man jump is missing of realism. But I note the risk taking !

The animation is fantastic, the sets are superb, and the slow-mo effect is simply amazing. Very well done! I loved a lot of your visual compositions and your sound design. And I love that you managed to tell a full story in a short video without any dialogue. In fact, I think you captured the essence of this contest perfectly, because you created a film in which the viewer doesn't feel the need for dialogue at all.

Bonne mise en scène et décor.

Hey ! Very good brickfilm, your animation is very fluid and very successful. The scenery is also beautiful.

The story is nice but unfolds a little too fast for my taste. The character gets beaten too easily, maybe he could have got up and fought until his last breath?

The noises are pretty nice, the traveling and the special effects are very successful. I also like the different shots.

I wish you the best of luck with the contest!

PS: I'm not very strong in English so you have a translation of google


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