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Knock Knock (Lego Brickfilm Halloween Special) Horror story!

When there is somebody at the door, do you answer?

I made this as a halloween special and for the scary contest.

Production team
nearyfilumsProducer, project's creator

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Very well done. Audio's simple but very effective and the animation's good. Great job.

I found that the fast and broken animation creates a feeling of stress. The sentiment of insecurity is present too thanks to the policeman who is "target". Because Policeman = security, and if he is the target, the security is compromised.

The scary theme is well exploited, gg !

The soundtrack is very well done and its importance in the film is very well chosen. Light also contributes to the scary atmosphere. The sets are very little visible, but it is not necessary. I will add to finish that I find that it lacks a little animation. It is motionless most of the time, but overall it did not bother me, because the movie is very short. Well done also for facial expressions!

Hey ! J'aime beaucoup ton BF, on a beaucoup de suspens ! Le flou du début du BF donne un super effet, le "toc toc" à la porte nous apporte de l'inquiètude et de la peur ! On a une lumière superbe (sombre), un personnage très expressif, un scénario très bien déroulé et qui à la fin nous laisse libre de penser ce qui se passe quand on entend les bruits de fond. Vraiment un grand bravo pour ce BF ! Merci !


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