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Just in time for Halloween a recreation of some famous Poltergeist scenes. Sleep tight!

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kreimkoukProducer, project's creator

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You've got something going here. What stands out the most to me are the sets. Nothing too complex, but very good looking nevertheless. Lighting is on point, and animation is decent. Sound design is okay, though some sounds went for too long. Overall a pretty good film.

Smooth animation, I think that it's damage that you did an adaptation of famous scenes and not an original creation out of your imagination

A pleasant animation, worked decorations and ideas well exploited. The ghost is pretty scary, but what would make it even more scary would be light. Everything is illuminated as in broad daylight while the action takes place at night! The scenario, although carried through to the end, is fairly traditional and could be more original, including the use of dubbing.

Hey !! The animation was verra good like your sound effects ! I love your clown (joker) and your horror effects (when woman fly and when clown attack the kid ! But just two things ! To make your BF more frightening, you can try to put more worried music and play more with the light (low brightness, blinking light...)
So I found it good for (maybe) a first time !
Good job


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