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Spider Man The New Avenger

Spider-Man takes the next step to becoming an Avenger by working with S.H.E.I.L.D!

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2x4 ProductionsProducer, project's creator

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Nice to see a pretty long and well done film with a convincing and exciting story. You definetly should use way more sound effects. A good sound atmosphere is important to a movie, but yours is way too silent. The editing could also be better. Think through your scenes and consider every single shot and every cut as important.
But your animation is great, especially the fight scenes. I also like the sets, like the zoo. The camera is pretty good too.

An interesting brickfilm, but very strange. The soundtrack is sometimes a little empty, it seems like some sound effects are missing. It lacks a little dramaturgy I think, but otherwise, good work on the sets and great customs!

Nice film. The animation is good, I especially love the clay animation and the water at the end. The sound design is a bit lacking, for example you could have added walking sounds and background music. But I like how you used that in the intro. It is nice that you explored the in other films unrepresented team of Agents of Shield, with still including Spider-man. It created some nice moments, like the chase scene. Good work!


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