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The Endgame We Deserve

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DuckEntityProducer, project's creator

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Unexpected but somehow expected. Disgusting but funny. No. Just no. I would like to say I love it, but no... It´s great... no god please no.... Thanks to us, Ant-Man is now shitty.

A pretty cool and funny brickfilm, but with a sound problem. I think sometimes sound effects are missing. When Thanos hits the ground, you can't hear anything and it's disturbing.

A funny creation of the way we all wanted Thanos to be defeated!
You did some great effects, the spaceship in the beginning, but even more interesting smaller ones being the brick build powers of the heroes.
Two little problems I noticed were the lights flicckering, maybe you can change that to the better with new lamps, and some of hte camera movements were not that fluid. But from what I know, that can only be solved by lots of practise!
Overall, a funny little joke turned into a nice brickfilm!


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