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LEGO Spider man Season 2 Episode 7

Season 2: Symbiote Wars
Episode 7: Redemption


Production team
Joshua NelsonProducer, project's creator

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Great! Altough the picture quality and some sets are not perfect, the animation is very good and the film as a whole is a masterpiece. The story is fantastic!

The problem with presenting one episode of a series is that I, as a jury, don't necessarily have time to watch all the other episodes. So understanding the story can be difficult. But otherwise, it's dynamic, there are good ideas and it's fun to watch.

Amazing work, it feels right from the spider-man universe! The story is very interesting, a hard one but told very well. I like the change that spider-man goes through in it, slowly overcoming what he has done, also how Max mirrows that development in the opposite direction. Sometimes, the lines feel a bit cheezy in how they directly give life advise, but most of them work very well. On a technical level, you did some nice things like the rain, the wonderful intro and the plane fight, also the car chase looks great. Sometimes, the still frames inbetween are a bit noticable, what I often do to avoid that is shooting multiple still frames, that often really helps. Still, an amazing story amazingly told!


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