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Requiem of a Bright Star [Christmas Brickfilm]

In space, no one can hear the sweet, gentle melody of the saxophone.

This film is part of the 2018 Brickfilm Advent Calendar Project:

Merry Christmas, everyone!

Production team
PongowlProducer, project's creator

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Great short. I loved the white pieces moving along glass. Made a great snow effect!

Very nice brickfilm. Liked the animation and editing very much. Congratulations.

+ Love the walking-through-snow animation and effect
+ Sound design is fantastic
+ Curved moon landscape is really impressive!
+ Cameos are always a win
- Minor nitpick: perhaps some more explanation of why the astronaut went to earth to join in on the song? Feels a little unclear.

Overall, phenomenal work!

Fantastic brick built effects and animation. I loved the aesthetic of this. I just wish there was more story to it!

The animation of the snow was really inventive and came out perfectly in the film, in the way you animated it. You managed to replicate the look of falling snow in a very realistic and creative way.

I like the use of Classic Space in the film, and I think it was a great choice to pick a white spaceman, instead of the more common yellow or blue spaceman. He actually blended really well with the rest of the film, which had more emphasis on present day Lego pieces and minifigures. All the sigfig cameos was also a nice touch.

A sweet, simple little brickfilm, with some great animation, excellent visuals and truly flawless special effects, Requiem of a Bright Star comes incredibly close to reaching the pedestal that is Unbridled Mischief.


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