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A sailor wakes up on the open ocean, only to find he isn't alone.

Production team
twickabrickProducer, project's creator

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This really is fantastic! It features easily some of the most impressive wave animation I've ever seen in brickfilm form.

I love how you build the tension up, as the tail raises higher and higher above the water, growing bigger and bigger and the ending was also great. The brick built close-up face was also really well done. I am always impressed when people play around with different scales, and it worked seamlessly with the rest of the animation.

As is to be expected from TwickABrick, you continue to impress, with great camera work, incredible practical effects and taking a short, simple story, and using it to it's fullest possibilities.

This is one of my favourite entrees. I love the water design, the shark design, the editing and sound/music were also top notch. Excellent short!

A-plus work in all departments, but especially story, sound, and set design (which are all things commonly missed in even some high calibre brickfilms). This to me is brickfilming fully realised as an artistic medium.

Very nice brickfilm. Very well photographed and edited. Simple but effective storyline. Well done.

+ The wave effect is incredible!
+ I love the pirate eye closeups
+ Music and sound effects are mixed really nicely!
+ The giant shark head motion is fantastic
- Color could have been either a bit more vibrant or darker, depending on the sort of tone you wanted to emphasize (dramatic for the shark warning? comedic for the massively oversized shark?)

Overall, an excellent film!


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