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The Cleaners

Death is a messy business. Especially when you're the one dishing it out.

In this stop-motion homage to 1970s crime films, two hitmen race to clean up their latest job while searching for a piece of evidence that could threaten to unravel their entire operation. All while being tailed by a mysterious figure who shares an eerie interest in finding what they're looking for.

Production team
MindGameProducer, project's creator
Nathan WellsDirector
SquashVoice actor (Victim)
Jay SilverVoice actor (Voice)

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One of the greatest brickfilms ever made. An instant classic.

The Cleaners perfectly combines the skills of Nathan Wells and Zach Macias with stellar set design and top-notch and expressive animation.

Setting any film in a specific period is no easy feat, let alone in brickfilming, but is excellently executed here. Everything, from the clothing, the colours, the set design and of course the music, give a perfect illusion that it is that era and easily gets you lost in the story.

Wonderful job with this brickfilm! Great script, wonderful job photographing and editing and setting the mood for the film. And what a great choice of soundtrack! Congratulations.

+ Phenomenal lighting and color
+ Impressive set design
+ Clean and pleasing motion
+ The camera pans are fantastic
- Audio is a little saturated for some of the dialogue

Overall, well done!

Very very technically impressive. Accomplishes a lot with (seemingly) a little.

I've watched this many times, but I still find the second half of the film somewhat confusing. I think the ambiguous character motivations and story make the sense of 'revelation' hard to buy into, as the music does its thing.

Overall a fantastically executed animation, but I think in accomplishing so much technically, it doesn't quite deliver an engaging story. There isn't quite enough going on for the story stand on its own. Therefore, I am looking forward to the next part ; )


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