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LEGO Star Wars The Clone Wars: The Journey of a Soldier

One's journey can evolve through an extensive amount of obstacles, wars, and pain. I have gathered my time and budget, to create a film that talks about a soldier who is not afraid to take risks, and is eager to gain experience. The story of Kirx Sheppard involves a wide combination of events during the Clone Wars era, including wars, battles, power, and destruction. I hope you will enjoy this.

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Music by Lucas King:

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Production team
MegaSpaceFighterProducer, project's creator

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Excellent animation, music, visuals and sound. One of the best brickfilms of the year. Very good work here!

Fantastic VFX and audio work, really great. I think the cinematography and set design was especially a stand out, it really nailed the look of the films. I think the only thing that didn't quite work for me was that the story felt a little flat. I understand that this is a prologue story, but I feel like there wasn't much of an internal conflict to the character and as such it's a series of things happening. I think a more personal touch of weakness, or pathos, could really elevate the whole piece. Not to suggest that I was bored or anything like that - this animation is extraordinary.

Good script, well executed animation. Simple but effective brickfilm. Well done.

+ Incredible compositing and CGI
+ Fantastic stopmotion
+ Beautiful set design
+ Fantastic blaster and holograph effects

Virtually nothing I can criticize in this film. Fantastic work!

The scale of this film is absolutely massive, with a high attention to detail and impressive sets in every scene. The CG is blended incredibly well with the stop motion, but what really makes it great is that you made a real effort to combine it with impressive practical effects and sets, making an overall, highly polished and enjoyable film!


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