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The Yellow Brick Horse

A nature documentary on the near extinct species, the yellow brick horse (equus fictilis).

Production team
ArginnonProducer, project's creator
Panna KovácsSet Decorator

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Great idea supported by on the spot storytelling, nice flow in the story and Love the tie in...

An animal documentary as interesting as funny ! Really hilarious, crazy with a perfect animation and a caricature of original voice-over ! What more can be said ?


Un documentaire animalier aussi intéressent que drôle ! Vraiment hilarant, déjanté avec une animation parfaite et une caricature de voix-off originale ! Que dire de plus ?

Really fun entry! Definitely one of my favorites. I like the flow of it, the way the horse is introduced, and the details pertaining to it. Great job!

Great, the animation is awesome and the story is funny. And really true for the castle part...
Well done!

It's a good idea, I loved this brickfilm, good job!
It's simple and funny

I did very much enjoy this brickfilm. There are some parts that I am sceptical of. I don't remember castles ever being built using horse parts as walls.
But alas, the voice over artist has a British accent, so what he says must be accurate.
The price of the horse is fair.

I thought this was a very funny and novel concept.

Funny and original. Wonderful idea, well executed. Well photographed and edited, excellent job!

+ The voiceover is perfect for this sort of video
+ Fantastic set design
+ Hilarious dialogue!
+ Lighting is nice and clean
+ The horse snort effect is hilarious!
- Occasional set bumps here and there

Overall, great work!

This was really cute. I like the documentary style of the narration and I liked the use of classic Lego pieces, for the horse and also a lot of the minifigures. I especially the part when the horse stands in front of the yellow wall and goes unnoticed.

There was a lot of really nice animation throughout and a lot different sets and locations, which made it visually really pleasing. Overall, this was a really nice film and made for a fun watch!


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