Gorillaz - Empire Ants in LEGO (Fan-Made Music video) | Brick à Brack

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Gorillaz - Empire Ants in LEGO (Fan-Made Music video)

This video probably won't make any sense to a handful of people.

Production team
James CawoodProducer, project's creator

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A fun animation. A lot of interesting lighting techniques scattered throughout.

+ Lighting is phenomenal
+ Smooth camera work, great pans and spins
- Minifigure motion is fairly linear, doesn't seem to accelerate or decelerate so it's hard to keep it interesting.

Overall, a fantastic film!

Throughout, the film remains visually pleasing. I especially like the lighting of the opening scene on the boat, with the sunset. The animation is also really nice overall. A particular part of the animation I really liked was the part when the waves crash into the boat and the water splashes on him.

After watching this, I thought I'd have a watch of the original Gorillaz music video of the song, and was surprised to see this wasn't a direct remake. I think it's really cool that you created a Gorillaz-style music video, whilst also creating a totally original one as well. It reminds me a little of how Dylan Woodley created his own version of the Houdini music video by Foster the People.

Great scene transitions. I enjoyed this one a lot. Awesome lighting, mostly pretty neat animation (I understand crowd scenes can be tricky to animate). I think some of the set design could have maybe been jazzed up a bit - the crowd scene was a bit plain. Overall this is high quality, simple yet effective.

Very good! Wonderful music video to a great song.


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