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Space Force is on the job, and ready for some cheeky action! @(^_^)@
#SpaceForce #thefourmonkeys

Production team
thefourmonkeysProducer, project's creator

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Another epic space adventure from the excellent the thefourmonkeys.

There seems to be quite a bit of space in this animation but not a lot of 'force' which leads me to think that the title might be a bit misleading.
Either way, I hope this video is used as a recruitment tool for Donald Trump's Space Force.

Funny and wonderfully executed. Fluid and dynamic. Well photographed and edited. Very nice brickfilm. Congratulations.

+ Great set design, the classic space sets really work well
+ Fantastic lighting
+ Love the simple, comedic plot
- Feeling like there's more that could have been added to a short comedy like this. Maybe some more flag mishaps?

Overall, great work!


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