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Heldenhaft (Heroic)

Hamburg in July 2017. Batman participates in a protest campaign against the G20 summit. When the police invite the demonstrators to remove the hoods and masks, it comes to a scandal. Will Batman give in to demand and show his true face?

Steinerei-Festival 2018
Jury Prize - 1st Place
Audience Prize - 1st Place
Brickfilmer Prize - 3rd Place

Production team
BaschiProducer, project's creator

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Excellent set design! Interesting technique with bouncing the hair up and down for talking and chewing. Lighting was excellent too. Great film!

Very good animation technique. Good photography and editing. Also good script. Well done!

+ Great motion!
+ Awesome lighting
+ The set design is fantastic
+ Impressive police setup!
- The mask removal effect looks a little strange with the wipe

Overall, great work!

This was really good. The set design was a stand out aspect of this film. I think it was nicely paced too. A really interesting take on making a film about a particular theme.

The film had a great sense of scale, with large, impressive sets and had a really cinematic feel. I really liked the animation and cinematography a lot. Admittedly, I found the story a little confusing and weird, but it all made a lot more sense at the end. Overall, a very enjoyable, well crafted film!


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