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"Oh, silent night" - GONE CAMPING Episode 2 LEGO

Chris and Rosy spend a lovely evening together, only to have a restless night. What is it that disturbs their sleep and how will they solve the problem?

Another funny animated LEGO stop motion movie by hirschundelch. This is the second episode in our GONE CAMPING brickfilm series.

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Some LEGO sets used are official LEGO products:
60057 LEGO® City Camper Van
6542 LEGO® City Launch & Load Seaport
60092 LEGO® City Deep Sea Submarine

Written, produced and directed by Stefan Minder
Animated by Stefan Minder
Co-Animaters: Olivier Altenbach, Damian Schaller
Editing, Visual FX, Sound FX and Music by Stefan Minder

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Production team
hirschundelchProducer, project's creator

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Wow, this was an intense and brutal animation to watch. A film about a man who suffers from sleep apnea being serially abused by his wife.
The animation starts off with the man making a delicious meal for his wife, illustrating his loyalty and devotion to her. Afterward, they go to sleep, and this is where the film turns dark.
First the wife physically assaults the husband while he is sleeping, then proceeds to throw heavy items at him. Then she leaves the area to go and meet strange men at a shipping yard. She even offers one of the men $100 for god knows what. After spending some time throwing her husband's property into the ocean from a ship, the crazed woman returns to land and proceeds to cut down trees, destroying the environment.
As if that's bad enough, she carries her husband into a raft, pushes him out to sea, leaving him to die.

Twisted. Harsh. Brutal.
Tarantino would be proud.

Very good brickfilm. Funny and original. And a lot of work involved in such a long brickfilm. Well done!

This is so good! There's such a classic Looney Tunes feel to it, in how the comedy grew as the story went along and the lengths she went to try and stop him from snoring. It had some great comedy timing that kept me chuckling throughout.

I thought you did a fantastic job with the way that the film was shot. I especially like little touches like the detail shots of hammering and screwing ect. You also managed to blend the greenscreen with the stop motion really well, especially with the sky. At first I wasn't so sure how it was going blend throughout, but I was really impressed with how seamlessly you managed to pull it together.

This was a highly enjoyable film that I enjoyed every second of and ranks highly on my favourite brickfilms of 2018 list!

+ Fantastic set design!
+ Fluid motion looks awesome
+ Great comedy!
- Some of the lighting on the boat scenes is a little inconsistent at times

Overall, great job!

I wasn't sure what to expect from the title, but was pleasantly surprised. That story escalated in a few ways that I wouldn't have expected! Awesome work.


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