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Lego Crackdown 3 - The Rescue

After Officer Foster gets captured by a criminal known as the "Shark", a rookie Police Officer attempts to rescue Officer Foster and to stop the "Shark" and his thugs.

This brickfilm contains explicit content, it's not adapted to a young audience.

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ffingersProducer, project's creator

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This is a really cool action short! A lot of work went into this and it definitely paid off.
Definitely one of my favourite entries.

This was a lot of fun. The action for the most part was really well choreographed, and well shot. There's a definite feel of classic old brickfilms here, in the lighting and overall aesthetic.

I thought the final fight with the boss was well thought up. I like how evenly matched they felt. The dynamic of having to fight with swords really added a uniqueness from the rest of the action of the film, and I really liked that. The build up to that point was well done, as each opponent became more challenging for him.

I actually really appreciate the use of sound effects in the film. Without the right amount of sound effects, it would definitely be lacking something at points where there is no music, but I do recommend finding multiple versions of certain sound effects, like the swooshing sounds, when the characters fight. When you need to use those sounds as frequently as you did with this film, multiple versions of the same thing stop it from sounding repetitive. With that being said, I was impressed by the use of sound. So many brickfilms lack the right amount of atmosphere because not as much work has been put into the sound design, so all things considered, I'd say you did put a lot of work into it and it paid off for the most part.

Overall, I thought this had some great animation, great choreography and was a lot of fun to watch!

A little too bloody for a brickfilm, or at least for my taste . But an excellent work. Amazing job doing such a long brickfilm with this kind of dynamic and action scenes. Liked very much the lighting choices for the different scenes. Great editing and photography work. Well done!

+ Lighting is really atmospheric
+ Smooth motion
+ Engaging story
- Sound design could use some work as most scenes feel somewhat empty
- Firing weapons could use some sort of muzzle effect to more realistically sell their use

Overall, well done!

This was really cool. Some impressive animation, sound design and very unique lighting. I think some more variation in sound effects for punches and whoosh noises stood out to me as something to look out for. Some of the footstep sounds could be way lower in volume as well. As well as the lighting there was some pretty cool scenarios - the arm bandaging scene was something I haven't seen done like that before. Overall I was very entertained by this.


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