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The Winterlympic Games (full cartoon)

The culmination of my Winterlympics project in which I released 17 clips, one each day throughout the duration of the 2018 Winter Olympics. Here is the final cartoon with all scenes edited together, and featuring newly created narration, as well as 7 never before seen bonus clips! Five are cut into the cartoon, and two are outtakes featured in the closing credits.

Special thanks to the voice talents of:

Noah Sprague Studios

And Brick Broadcasting

And featuring Gollum music by:

Production team
thistofProducer, project's creator
Brick BroadcastingVoice actor (Team Netherlands)
Noah Sprague StudiosVoice actor (Gollum)

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Funny short with a classic brickfilm feel. The set building and creativity here is great. Really makes me want to get into cross country skiing.

Funny, wonderfully photographed, edited and animated. And educational too, as we can learn a lot about winter olympics! Very well done!

+ Fantastic comedy!
+ Awesome motion across every event
+ The downhill "whoosh" effect was pretty great
- Tiny amounts of light flicker and background noise in a few shots

Overall, a fantastic film!

This was really enjoyable. No real feedback, other than seeing the edge of the sky in the freestyle skiing section in the upper left corner. Great work!

The Winterlypmic Games proves to be a highly entertaining film that really goes to showcase your range and abilities as an animator. There is some really nice and inventive cartoony animation throughout and the wide range of different sports kept the film at a fast and enjoyable pace.

The Freestyle Skiing portion of the film was probably my favourite, if I had to pinpoint an exact part. I imagine it can't be very easy to animate the figures leaping and landing in the way you did for the film, but you pulled it off so well.

The whole film is a joy to watch and has a great sense of replay value, more so than a lot of brickfilms and I think that is an achievement in and of itself, but where it really achieves is in its comedic timing, excellent visuals and for featuring some of the best animation seen in any brickfilm from 2018!


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