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LEGO Star Wars: Lando's Deal

The galaxy's most charming rogue faces a deal gone sour, can he make it out alive?

Production team
Ant BanditProducer, project's creator

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Where do I even begin with this one? The animation is fantastic, cinematography is perfect, the special effects are spot on, and the voice work is impeccable. It's always distracting if the voice actor playing a well loved character does not match that of the original actor they are trying to imitate, but the actor who plays Lando is absolutely fantastic in the role, and just sounds like it's the original actor supplying the voice.

There are not a lot of Star Wars brickfilms that feature Lando, let alone are there many that have a whole brickfilm dedicated to him, which really helps make this film stand out. Little is known about him outside of the Empire Strikes Back and and Return of the Jedi aside from the fact that he once owned the Falcon, so exploring his story is definitely interesting.

It also feels like you are watching a genuine part of the Star Wars saga, with the iconic Star Wars music and the recognizable sound effects, like the blasters and the droid.

I honestly absolutely adore this film, and there really isn't any criticism, or any advice that I can say that would be of any merit. This is awesome!

From the very start of the brickfilm, you can see that this one isn't an ordinary one. When I say that, I mean that it's one of the most amazing ones I've ever seen. I think my favorite parts are the ships. The VFX on those are fantastic. The animation is amazingly smooth, and never stops when some characters are talking. You did a great job with the talking. Also, the in-camera effects were awesome. I watched the behind the scenes video and saw the cat shooing at the light :p. Great to see Lando in a brickfilm finally. Hope to see more like this from you again! -Yummy Burrito Studios #Brickstars2017

Spectacular! Great action, especially with all the blaster bolts being in-camera and emitting light. Lovely animation and lighting all around, and nice big sets.


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