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Brick Bar Brawl (THAC XVII)

When Johnny Thunder leaves the Explorer bar without paying, Chris Tell has to deal with the heated aftermath...

Made for THAC XVII, the 2020 edition of the Twenty Four Hour Animation Contest, hosted by Bricks In Motion. All but 15 seconds had to either show a blue and orange brick touching (colour mod) or the letter G (letter mod). The theme was 'opportunity', which I managed to not just state outright this time, so yay for subtlety...

Production team
JO CoProducer, project's creator

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Comments • Bricks In Motion • Page 1

Your animation was very lively.  Congrats on finishing your entry to THAC!

The opening shot is very impressive! I love longer tracking shots like that. Honestly, it made me hope this would be a one-shot film.

It's certainly entertaining. The piano player’s response was a funny touch!
(The subtitle of “utter carnage” is great! ) The voice-acting is spot-on, giving each character a very unique voice and personality.

The biggest distraction was the camera/set/prop bumps between frames.


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