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The Bandit Who Stole Christmas Brickfilm || Part One

This is an adaption of the original Grinch, in brickfilm and western format. Sadly I couldn't finish the full movie in time for brickstars2019 so I am just putting out part one.

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PlasticPointProductionsProducer, project's creator

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Great job on this one.  You've improved so much!
I'm excited to see the rest.


Great job on this one.  You've improved so much!
I'm excited to see the rest.

Thankyou!  Part two should be on it's way sometime...

Finally got around to review this amazing film!

Part 1 is a delightful adaption of the classic Christmas tale. The film, while very fast paced switching from scene to scene, still  covers the essential beats well enough to stand up fine. However, that rapid editing does make for some off moments. For example, 1:12 goes straight from throwing things and shooting in rage to a rather flatly delivered "You've got to be kidding me" that would have been perfect after a few seconds of him being flopped dejectedly on the floor. Coming right after the "raging" made the line, and the character's emotional state, muddled.

The match cut at 1:34 was a fantastic idea that looks great. The falling cans are an incredibly entertaining action that perfectly demonstrates the bandit's personality, while also complementing the western setting.

Rather than the flat "what?" after being hit with the snowball, a low growl may have better expressed his inner emotions. However, that snowball was kinda random. Was it on purpose or on accident? Are the Whos simple, and made a mistake, or malicious? The 2018 Grinch with the "singing assault" does a bit better job in making something mostly innocent into something very threatening to the Grinch. I think that's what the snowball was supposed to do, but again, rapid cutting and storytelling simply didn't allow that.

I do like how this ends. It's great place to add the cliffhanger, with the action looming, but without getting into the middle of something. The Bandit's frustration has grown to a climax, and we know bad things are about to happen.

The sets, animation, and effects are all top-notch!
Thanks for letting me be a part of this film.
Part 2 is gunna be great!


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