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Pablo Answers the Telephone

I spent more time on this one than I did on the others combined... I think.

Production team
WammyProducer, project's creator

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I like the part where Pablo answers the telephone.

Good background, I like the subtle lavender colour. It feels very specific.

I'm going to be honest...I had forgotten all about your Pablo films.
Will you ever forgive me? To assuage my guilt, I just rewatched all of them.

The format of the Pablo films brings back delightful memories of the old Dan Cook brickfilms. A short film that displays nothing more, yet nothing less, than the title, with reused title/credits music and audio, and hilarious happenings. It's a great format.

The comedic timing was spot-on, the live-action shot was genius, and the animation was solid.

Have no clue what I've seen but it's blessed.


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